The Flying Meat Newsletter
June 2018

Say Hello to Retrobatch

And hello from Gus and Kirstin Mueller of Flying Meat Software, creators of Acorn. It's an exciting time over here because we're ready to tell the whole world about a new app we've made called Retrobatch! Retrobatch is an innovative batch image processor for MacOS. Whether you have thousands of images to edit, or just one image, Retrobatch can help.

1) Retrowhat?
2) A Coupon for Everything at Our Store
3) Bundles are Back
4) Pricing and System Requirements
5) Fairwell Till Next Time

What exactly can Retrobatch do?
Retrobatch can handle many operations when dealing with single images or thousands of images at the same time such as quickly changing image file format, scaling, cropping, watermarks, renaming, adding blurs, adding borders, color effects, and color adjustments. Retrobatch can also take it up a notch and edit metadata, such as removing GPS location information prior to uploading images to social media.

Retrobatch can split PDFs and multilayer images into single images, combine images into multipage PDFs and layered PSDs, edit DPI and sort images based on machine learning classifications.

Where Retrobatch really shines as a unique and powerful batch image processor is its node based non-linear workflow. Combine multiple folders of images and create multiple branches to process images into different outputs. There's like, a trillion possibilities. Probably more. It really helps to see Retrobatch in action, so here's a quick video showing off a workflow for adding watermarks to images:

Examples of time saving operations in Retrobatch:

A Coupon For Our Fans
To show our appreciation for your support of our indie Mac company, use the coupon code 'rboneoh' (without the quotes of course) to receive $10 off until the end of June 2018 when purchasing Retrobatch or Acorn or even a bundle of Retrobatch and Acorn at our

Wait did you say bundles?
Oh yeah, bundles are back too! You can purchase a copy of Acorn and Retrobatch together to receive a special discount. Or if you want to purchase multiple copies of Acorn or Retrobatch, those same discounts kick in as well. The more the merrier we always say.

Availability, & Price
Retrobatch is available right now from, where you can download a free 14 day trial. When you're ready, you can purchase Retrobatch Pro with all features included for $49.99, or Retrobatch with slimmed down features for $29.99:

System Requirements
Retrobatch requires MacOS 10.12 Sierra, MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, or later.
Machine Learning and Classification Node requires MacOS 10.13 High Sierra or later.


Gus, Kirstin, & almost a kindergarten graduate Madeline Mueller

The Flying Meat Team