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Is there an iOS version coming?

It sure seems like this is an ideal type of app on that platform, doesn't it? While we have nothing to announce at this time, we're aware that our customers would love to see Retrobatch on an iPad.

What file formats does Retrobatch support?

Retrobatch can read .acorn, .bmp, .gif, .heic/.heif, .ico, .jpeg, .jpeg2000, .jxl, .pdf, .png, .psd, RAW, .tga, .tiff, .webp, and just about any other format the MacOS can read (it's a super long list).

Retrobatch can write .gif, .heic/.heif, .jpeg, .jpeg2K, .jpegXL, .pdf, .png, .psd (single layer), .tiff, .tga, .webp.

What MacOS version is required to run Retrobatch?

Retrobatch is supported on MacOS 12 or later.

How do I update to the latest version of Retrobatch?

Open Retrobatch. If a dialog box doesn't pop up telling you about the latest version, you can select Retrobatch ▸ Check for Updates. You will be guided to download the latest version of Retrobatch if you don't already have it. If you bought Retrobatch from the App Store updates are managed through the store under 'Updates'. At this time the App Store does not allow us to direct customers to a new major release to upgrade. The best way to stay on top of major releases is to subscribe to the Flying Meat newsletter:

How do I know if I'm running Retrobatch Pro or Regular?

The "Welcome to Retrobatch" window will let you know what version you are using (available via the Window menu). You can also look at your license under Retrobatch's Preferences window. If it starts with "FMRBP" you are using Retrobatch Pro.

Can I use the same registration on multiple computers?

Yes, you may use your Retrobatch registration on multiple computers as long as it is only you using the license. And if you have a single Mac with multiple people using it, you do not need to purchase an additional license. However, if you have multiple computers and multiple people wanting to use Retrobatch, you will need to buy an additional license for each computer. Please contact us at for bulk pricing.

Do you offer bulk discounts if I want to purchase a lot of copies of Retrobatch?

Yes! Contact and let us know how many copies you are interested in purchasing and we’ll respond with the available options.

I'm a student, can I receive a discount on Retrobatch?

Yes, Flying Meat offers a $10 discount on Retrobatch for students. We require that you send the request to using your student email address ending with .edu. We will then send the discount code to your student email address. The student discount is not available during promotions and sales.

Does Retrobatch offer Droplet Support?

Yes, use the File ▸ Save As Droplet… menu item to write out your workflow as an application. You can then drag and drop folders and images to run your workflow. To re-edit a workflow contained in a droplet, either hold down the Option key when opening the droplet, or drag and drop the droplet onto the Retrobatch app icon.

Is there an online forum for Retrobatch?

Yes! Check out Retrobatch's discussions and topics at Flying Meat's forum:

Is there a newsletter for Retrobatch?

Yes! The newsletter is the best way to stay on top of the latest Retrobatch news. You can subscribe here: