Technical Specifications

Read Images

  • Read images from the clipboard, Photos App, folders, and as individual files
  • Ability to read from sub-folders
  • Supported file types include Acorn, BMP, GIF, HEIC/HEIF (on 10.13.4 and later), ICO, JPEG, JPEG2000, PDF, PNG, PSD, RAW, TGA, TIFF, WebP, and just about any other format the MacOS can read (it's a super long list)
  • Read multilayer and multipage Acorn, GIF, PDF, and PSD
  • Generate screenshots
  • Open RAW file types supported by macOS X

Split & Combine Images

  • Split multilayer and multipage Acorn, GIF, PDF, and PSD into individual images
  • Combine images together to create a multipage PDF or PSD

Write Images

  • Write images to the clipboard, to a folder, and open in other apps
  • Supported file types include HEIC/HEIF (on 10.13.4 and later), JPEG, JPEG2000, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and WebP.
  • Ability to write multipage PDFs, multilayer PSD
  • Use Multi Scale to write an image to multiple sizes: 1x, 2x, etc., great for web and icon design
  • PNG compression and optimization with ImageAlpha
  • Remove alpha channel from HEIC, PNG, TIFF if opaque

Color Adjustments and Blurs

  • Change color profile- including RGB, CMYK, grayscale, d3, and many more
  • Remove or strip color profile
  • Match and modify color pixels
  • Adjust saturation, brightness, contrast, exposure, gamma, vibrance
  • Add box blur, gaussian blur, noise reduction

Color Effects and Sharpening

  • Add a border, drop shadow, or matte background
  • Photo effects: chrome, fade, grayscale, instant, invert, mono, noir, process, tonal, transfer, and sepia tone
  • Sharpen with sharpen luminance and unsharp mask


  • Delete all metadata, or remove just the GPS
  • Set the DPI, title, author, description, and copyright
  • Edit specific metadata such as IPTC, EXIF, PNG, TIFF, and CIFF
  • Fix EXIF rotation


  • Run AppleScript
  • Shell Scripts

Machine Learning

  • Target images in a workflow using machine learning classifications (requires OS 10.13+) and rules
  • Preloaded with MobileNet classification model
  • Easily install additional CoreML classification systems
  • Sort images by file name, color model, DPI, classification confidence, and more


  • Crop
  • Flip horizontal, vertical, or both
  • Rotate
  • Scale to resize
  • Trim to edges to remove transparency


  • Add text and image watermarks to images
  • Over 20 different blending modes for customized compositing effects.
  • Ability to modify scale, offset, opacity, blending modes, tiling, location, and more
  • Use metadata tokens to quickly add copyright, author, capture data, and other values


  • Use Retrobatch's preloaded workflow templates
  • Create and save your own templates

User Interface

  • Inspector palette for easy setting adjustments
  • Preview window toggling and preview full screen mode
  • Preview window zoom
  • Image thumbnail scrubber bar for easy image selection
  • Image data information toggling
  • Unified single window interface

Additional Features

  • Change bits per channel
  • Extract depth data
  • Add a single transparent pixel to images to prevent social media sites from using compression
  • Create workflow notes
  • ...and more!

MacOS Integration

  • Drag and drop
  • Mac OS Fonts and Colors Window
  • Share images to Mail, Airdrop, Messages
  • Full screen mode
  • Autosave and versions
  • Built for Retina display
  • Touch bar support


  • English

System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.12 Sierra or
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra or
  • MacOS 10.14 Mojave

Nodes available in Pro and Regular

Certain advanced nodes are available only in the Pro version of Retrobatch. Beyond that, there are no differences between the Pro version and the regular version. Below is a list of the available nodes for each version.

Add BorderAnimated ImageAuto EnhanceBox Blur
ClipboardColor ControlsColor InvertColor Posterize
CropDelete MetadataDitherDrop Shadow
DuplicateExposure AdjustFix EXIF RotationFlip
Gamma AdjustGaussian BlurGrayscaleImage Grid
Image WatermarkIndexed PNGInstant AlphaMatte
Noise ReductionOpacityPhoto ChromePhoto Fade
Photo InstantPhoto MonoPhoto NoirPhoto Process
Photo TonalPhoto TransferPhotos LibraryPrompt for Files
RAW ProcessRead FolderRead Individual FilesRemove GPS
RotateRound CornersScaleScreenshots & Windows
Sepia ToneSet DPISet General MetadataSharpen Luminance
Single Transparent PixelText WatermarkTrim To EdgesUnsharp Mask
VibranceWorkflow NotesWrite Images

Retrobatch Pro only nodes

AppleScriptChange Bits Per ChannelChange Color ProfileClassify Images
DelayExtract Depth ImageExtract Disparity ImageExtract Portrait Matte
JavaScriptLayer & Page SplitterLimitMake Symlink
Mask to AlphaMulti ScaleOpen In AppPDF Image Extractor
PDF MakerPSD MakerRulesSet Finder Tags
Set Specific MetadataShell ScriptStyle Transfer