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Color Profiles

Color Profiles

Images without a color profile set are assigned sRGB by default. The 'Change Color Profile' node is available in Retrobatch Pro.

Add or Change Color Profile: Navigate to the node column on the lefthand side of the canvas.
Double click on 'Color Adjustment', and drag and drop the 'Change Color Profile' node onto the canvas.
Choose a color profile from the dropdown menu in the inspector.

Remove a Color Profile: Add the Change Color Profile node to the workflow, and check the box for "Remove color profile".

Color Profile Location: To find where a color profile is saved, hold down the option key when clicking on the profile name in the inspector dropdown menu.

Match and Modify Pixels: When checked, match and modify pixels instructs Retrobatch to use matching when converting the pixels from one color space to another. When this option is checked, the dropdown menu for 'Intent' will be available. When colors in the image's existing color profile are not available in the selected color profile, a few different options for rendering intent are available including absolute and relative colorimetric, perceptual, and saturation. You can read more about this topic here.