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Preferences and Registration


Default RGB Profile: Set the default RGB profile in cases where there's no profile available in an image, or when something needs to be converted to RGB.

General Options:

  • Check for important news allows Retrobatch to display any news about the app that is available from the developer.

  • Show welcome window at startup instructs Retrobatch to always present the welcome window when you open Retrobatch.

  • Snap nodes to the grid makes it easier to create workflows with more orderly node placement.

  • Double click nodes to show properties requires double clicking on a node to bring up the inspector palette. If you prefer to single click on nodes, uncheck this box.

  • Default to manual connections via control drag on new workflows makes it so node connections are only created by holding down the control key and dragging out a connection between two nodes. To delete a connection when this preference is checked, click on the connection to select it then hit the delete key.

Notification: Option to show a notification when a workflow is done running including the option for a sound alert.

Updating: Automatically check for updates. No personal information is ever sent to us.


If you purchased Retrobatch directly from our website, you will need to input your registration. To do this, choose Retrobatch ▸ Registration from the menu bar. Make sure you enter your registration exactly as it appears (either via email or the web page). It is recommended that you cut and paste into these fields. Then press the "Register" button and you are good to go.

Retrobatch offers a Regular and Pro version. The regular version offers a slimmed down selection of available nodes. Retrobatch will know whether to run the regular or pro version based on your registration number. If you purchase the regular version, the nodes available with the Pro version will be disabled.

If you have already purchased Retrobatch and you do not know what your registration number is, visit Flying Meat's support page and we will send you an email with the information:

The App Store version of Retrobatch does not require a registration number as the App Store manages the registration for you.