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Image metadata is text information contained in an image file. Image metadata is frequently generated automatically by the device capturing the image, and can also be information added later using image editing software.

The device capturing the image may generate metadata including camera details and settings such as aperture, DPI, GPS location, date and time of image capture, etc. Metadata added manually through image editing software frequently includes author, copyright, title, description, and keywords.

Standardized formats of metadata include Information Interchange Model (IPTC), Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), EXchangable Image File (Exif), among others.

Editing, Adding, and Removing Metadata

Nodes within Retrobatch that allow for editing, adding, and removing metadata include:

Delete Metadata: Remove all metadata from an image, such as GPS, time picture created, lens information, etc. Useful when uploading to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Checkbox option available to keep orientation data intact to ensure your image will still orient in the correct direction.

Remove GPS: Removes only the location metadata from images.

Set DPI: Change the DPI (dots per inch) value for images.

Set General Metadata: Change limited metadata values in an image including title, author, description, and copyright.

Set Specific Metadata (Pro): Change a wide array of metadata values in an image including IPTC and EXIF data.

Fix EXIF Rotation: Rotates an image correctly based on its EXIF rotation setting.

Use of Metadata with Rules

Images can be sorted by several different metadata values using the Rules node. The Rules node filters out images based on set criteria. The metadata values available under Rules include color model, DPI, bits per channel, and image file type.

Click the '+' button in the inspector palette when the Rules node is selected to add additional rules criteria to the node.

Use of Metadata with Text Watermarks

Metadata can be utilized as a text watermark. Add a Text Watermark node, and click on the cogwheel in the inspector palette to view a dropdown menu of options including capture date, DPI, color profile, keywords, title, description, copyright, and author.

Changing Metadata Without Recompressing Images

Retrobatch has the ability to change EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata about your image without rewriting or recompressing the actual pixels that make up your image.

This feature only works for TIFF, PNG, and JPEG files. Any other image formats will require your image to be recompressed.